History of Dairy Lab Services

Founded in 1978 and owned by approximately 700 dairy producers across Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Dairy Lab Services continues to test a large volume of samples for DHIA as well as commercial accounts within that service area.  Yet, we retain our commitment to detail, accuracy, confidentiality and service to members and customers alike.

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Dairy Lab Services, Inc.
5105 Wolff Rd.
Dubuque, IA 52002

Phone: (800) 747-7421
Fax: (563) 557-1229

DNA Mastitis Tests

Unlike culturing, these tests don’t need special handling or sterile vials.  We can use your regular DHI pre-preserved samples.  This is possible because the tests determine the type of bacteria by identifying its DNA.  The Major-3 kit enables testing of bulk tank samples.  The full panel test can identify and quantify simultaneously 11 major mastitis-causing bacteria and the Staphylococcal B-lactamase resistance gene (penicillin resistance gene).  These tests have 100% sensitivity and specificity and can be done in 4-6 hours (subject to some restrictions) as opposed to culturing which can take several days to complete.

What do you need on your farm?

  • A basic record program We offer many different record programs from DariLites to Supervised DHIA. Within the various programs, different levels of record options are available to suit every dairy operation. Printed reports are available from several record processing centers including: AgSource, Dairy Records Management Systems (DRMS) and DHI Provo.
  • Large Herd Testing We will service every size of herd, whether it’s 10 cows or 10,000 cows.
  • On farm computers We offer Pcdart for your on-farm computer program and also the first Palm Pilot program released on the market for dairy farms called PocketDairy. These programs interface with all the popular brands of electronic milk meters and also many other computer programs on the market. We can also send data into DairyComp 305 and many other programs.

Hotsheet Report Feature

Sample results are sent to the producers shortly after they are tested by way of the “Hotsheet” or by accessing the DLS website.  The “Hotsheet” lists the sample results for all of the cows and is sent to the producer by mail, email or fax.

Fast, Accurate Lab Analysis

Dairy Lab Services uses state-of-the –art equipment to deliver fast and accurate results.

 Fat, Protein, SCC and Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) are available for DHIA records.  Other analyses available are: Mastitis Cultures (identifying Staph aureus, Strep ag, Non-ag strep species and E Coli) and water testing.

Whatever Your Need

50 Cows, 1,500 Cows, Basic, No Frills On-Farm Computers Official DHIA Owner Sampler or DariLiteS our dedicated team would like to offer you a competitively priced package.  Call us today at:  1-800-747-7421.