• Laboratory Services

    Beyond the actual laboratory analysis, Dairy Lab Services can provide a variety of other services upon request. Many of those services can be customized to meet your needs.


  • Component Analysis

    Component analysis is performed by trained, qualified technicians operating the latest in infrared instrumentation. All results are recorded electronically to eliminate the possibility of transcription errors.


  • Quality Analysis

    Quality analysis utilizes the latest in instrumentation and adheres rigidly to approved procedures. Where the analytical process is automated, as in the case of Somatic Cell Count, the results are transcribed electronically.


  • Other Analysis

    Mastitis Cultures - Identifying Staph aureus, Strep Ag, Non-ag strep species, E. Coli. And Mycoplasma.


Certified Laboratory Services

Founded in 1978 and owned by approximately 1100 dairy producers scattered across Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Dairy Lab Services is one of the largest volume laboratories of its kind within that service territory. Yet, we retain our commitment to detail, accuracy, confidentiality, and services to our members and customers alike.